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New Decade

As 2020 dawns, it is interesting to look back at one's investment performance, as well as the investments that will hopefully deliver strong returns in the new decade.

In 2019, I gained 45.47% return on investment, beating my own historical average of 33.44%, and all other benchmarks.

The highest gains were from $GAW.L, $NVDA, $AAPL, $EL, and $SEDG .

In total, for the decade, I achieved 652% return. The decade was marked by the rise of the smartphone, FAANG, China, immigration, Blockchain, AI, and for me, my top performing stock: $NVDA .

I have regularly made significant changes to the portfolio, catching the mega trends relatively early, and getting out of things in due time, before issues became more widely obvious.

At the outset of the new decade, I now have more than 30% of the portfolio invested in renewable energy technology, while still having a large section allocated to the companies leading the AI revolution, as well as other companies that I consider resilient, capable of investing in themselves, delivering strong organic growth, with strong capabilities to defend profitability from competition, and which are trading at relatively low prices.

I will continue to analyze the markets, 365 days per year, in 2020, and do my best to continue to find and leap at great investment opportunities, wherever they arise.

Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Jeppe Kirk Bonde

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